The Perfect Golfing Environment for Juniors

At Spring Creek Ranch, we have created a golfing environment that enables junior golfers to improve in all aspects of the game. From proper equipment, to fitness, our professional staff works hard to make sure Spring Creek Ranch juniors reach their goals. 

 In the last two years alone, Spring Creek Ranch junior golfers hold 8 state championships. And at the time of this article, two juniors are ranked in the top 50 in the world. We couldn’t be prouder of our juniors and are very excited to continue this tradition for the many generations to come. 

 Many ways we foster this competitive junior growth are as follows:


We have our own golf academy located on the North end of the practice facility, run by Rob Akins. Rob is a nationally-ranked golf instructor who’s been helping our members improve their game for over 10 years. Rob has also coached many competitive students including tour pros, collegiate golfers, and world-ranked juniors. He’s written a book called Golf’s Red Zone Challenge and has been featured in major golf publications throughout his career. 

Rob’s passion for junior golf extends well beyond his students. He spends time with all of our juniors getting to know them, providing tips and encouraging them along. Rob and has team are certainly the foundation for the junior golf culture here at the Ranch. 

Club Fitting:

Proper club fitting is very important for a competitive golfer, especially during the years in which they are growing quickly. We are proud to have one of the best in the business, Felix Clubworks, located on the North end of our practice facility. Owner and Operator Scott Felix has been in the Memphis golf industry for 20+ years and is trusted by great players nation-wide. He was recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of the nation’s top-25 club fitters. Scott’s fitting and club repair studio is stocked with the latest technology to help our juniors understand their swing numbers, make adjustments, and play their best. 

The Akins Room:

The Akins Room is named after, you guessed it, Rob Akins. This room is a place for our Juniors to hang out whenever they are not focused on their game. There is a ping pong table, couches, two big screens, soda fountain, guys and gal’s bathroom and showers, and even some small lockers if our juniors need to lock up their valuables. We enjoy hanging up junior memorabilia as well to recognize the achievements of those who have grown up at Spring Creek Ranch. 

The Practice Facility:

Our practice facility is enormous, and it provides many different opportunities to improve. There is a dual-end range tee, two chipping greens, three putting greens, a wedge range, fairway practice bunkers, heated hitting bays, and water stations. Juniors enjoy the opportunity for a variety of practice sessions and often pair up with other juniors to compete in range games. 


We have noticed that fitness is becoming a huge part of a junior golfer’s competitive growth. Here at the Ranch, many of our juniors utilize our fitness facility to work out in between practice sessions and stretch before and after a round. We even have a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) instructor available for private golf-focused fitness training. 

The Hidden Three’s:

We have a 5-hole par 3 loop here at Spring Creek Ranch that we call Hidden Three’s. The tee boxes are hidden in the fescue areas within existing holes. There is a sign and walkway to the tee boxes except for hole #8, which plays from the course tees. Hidden 3’s is available in the late afternoons with approval from the golf shop and can be completed in less than an hour even when walking. This is a great way for juniors to enjoy golf or practice on their iron play and short game. It’s also a great way for parents and juniors to enjoy the game together. Click here for a video from our pro. 

Challenging Course:

Spring Creek Ranch has 8 teeing grounds, which provides the opportunity for members to play it as easy or as hard as they prefer. Additionally, playing from different teeing grounds is a great way to practice for a competitive tournament schedule which often requires many different shots, grasses, conditions, etc. 


Last, but not least, juniors at Spring Creek Ranch often receive mentorship from older, more accomplished juniors, as well as our PGA Professional staff. Our most competitive juniors are very accepting and understanding of our younger juniors, often challenging them to competitions, providing advice, and spending time with them. This is a great benefit when our younger players begin competing and traveling to play. 

We are very excited to continue growing our junior development here at Spring Creek Ranch. If you are interested in your junior playing at Spring Creek Ranch, please reach out to me at or visit 

Wishing you many birdies,