The Grit, Grind, Golf Wedge Complex


The Spring Creek Ranch team loves the Grizzlies. With this passion, we began using the term Grit, Grind, Golf to reference our commitment to game improvement. Several years back, we even launched a t-shirt with the words Grit, Grind, Golf and members loved it. As such, we’ve been embracing the “Grind City” motto ever since.

This year we needed to make some minor repairs to our existing wedge range area. That’s when the idea hit us, “Let’s create a Grit, Grind, Golf Wedge Complex.” With a load of sand, 50 bottles of paint, some wood and pallets of sod, we turned a seldom used piece of property into a wedge game-improvement complex with some fun challenges and Blue & Gold brand.

The purpose of this area is to learn how far you carry the ball, not how far you hit the ball. Often times on our course, you will be faced with heavy green undulation. #1 for example has a mound in the middle of the green. If you are in the fairway 110 yards from a back right pin, hitting the ball 110 might not be your best approach. Instead, carrying the ball 95 to 100 yards will roll out to the right distance. Our wedge complex is designed with visuals such as sand greens, bull’s-eyes and visual targets that help you learn how far to land the ball.

Grab some friends or play by yourself. Here are some fun challenges to play on our Wedge Complex:

  • The 3-point contest- Each of the sand greens are worth 3 points. Carry your ball in the sand (you will see it splash) and you get 3 points. Rotate from one bunker to the next and add up your score.

  • The Free Throw Line- To the left of the complex is a ladder game, with each line being five yards farther than the previous one. The object with your first shot is to land the ball past the first line. That’s worth 1 point. Your second ball should land past the second line for another point. Your final ball should land past third line for a 3rd point.

  • The Half Court shot- The wedge complex has 3 stumps, one navy blue, one light blue and one gold. This is the hardest challenge there is. You can 10 tries to hit one stump. If you do, 10 points.

  • The Layup- Pick two poles in the middle of the complex. Land your ball in between the poles and you get a point.

Feel free to create your own games and challenge your friends to a competition. We’ve even designed some unlevel lies on the range team that will mirror your experience on the course. Be sure and practice from these spaces, as well as the practice bunker to the right of the tee to really improve some of those real-life round situations.

Enjoy & Go Grizzlies!